What Are Different Kinds of Industrial Assembly Line?


Over the past many years, there has been a massive change in the assembly line of the industrial sector. With the growing technology and new techniques has helped the production to increase drastically. 

Some of the production processes can be harmful to the employees, but technology has helped in minimizing this danger. However, not every industry uses high technology to manufacture products. Different kinds of assembly are part of most commonly used in the industries today.

The Classical Assembly

Many industries still use classical assembly. In this production process, multiple steps are involved in it. Each step in the production is handled by different workers and at different levels. All these steps help in the production of one big unit product. 

This type of assembly process is usually used in the case of producing heavy items or products such as automobiles. Producing these is not a simple task and hence, they have a series of production steps to get a final quality product. 

Production Assembly with the Help of Machines

Machines have become a part of most of the production industries. This has led to the use of more machines and fewer workers. These machines are usually operated and controlled through computers that are operated by workers. Even though the cost of these machines may be high, but they are very cost-effective in the long run. 

Automated assemblies have now become popular and are used in many factories. This has increased production with fewer errors. It also offers timely delivery of the products due to mass production.

Alternating Assembly Machines 

Unlike other machines or production process, this assembly process produces products that do not look similar. They are very popular in industries that manufacture furniture, upholstery fabric, etc. These assemblies are easy to customize as they can be removed and replaced with another part. These kinds of assemblies are popularly used in the case of partial assembly.

Lean Assembly 

Lean assembly is almost similar to the classic one, but it is still different. The assembly process comes in different steps in which the product comes in pieces. This is used for complicated manufacturing products. Workers work in various departments where separate parts are manufactured and then assembled at the final stage in a particular department. Since the work lines are different, it gives less workload to certain workers.